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Alastair HendersonCommercial Photographer in Tunbridge Wells

Alastair Henderson
Alastair Henderson is a Consultant Urological Surgeon in Tunbridge Wells, for Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Trust. I'd been recommended to him via a colleague, and similarly to that person, he wanted a mix of commercial portraits to use on social media and in print publications. I did some of the portraits in my studio and the rest were on-location at the hospital h[...]

Julian HamannCommercial Portraits

Julian Hamann
Julian asked me to capture a variety of commercial portraits of him to be used on his website, and for general marketing purposes. We split the portrait session between my studio and his place of work, using a consulting room and surgical theatre in the local hospital in Tunbridge Wells. It was a pleasure working with Julian and fascinating hearing about his professio[...]