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Tree of HopeProduct Photographer

Tree of Hope
Tree of Hope is an amazing charity that helps families with seriously ill and disabled children in the United Kingdom and Ireland. One of their fundraising initiatives was to sell products that would specifically help the children they work with. For this product photographer assignment, we hired a large photography studio in Southborough, on the outskirts of Tunbridg[...]

XylobritProduct Photographer

The aim for this product photography assignment was to capture photos of 'Xylobrit', a new natural sweetener in a natural setting. This took place in the company owner's kitchen in Tunbridge Wells. By shooting in an actual kitchen, it provided an environmental context that matches its intended use, and thus more 'feel' to it than photographing it against a standard wh[...]

John Jeffries Custom ShotgunsProduct Photographer

John Jeffries Custom Shotguns
This was a pretty cool commercial photography job for John Jeffries who customises Perazzi shotguns for this customers, pouring his extensive expertise into getting the best out of every gun in specific ways to each client. I've never done any shooting (of this kind anyway) before, but even I could appreciate the workmanship of each gun. I enjoyed playing with my ligh[...]

BurrellsJewellery Photographer

I've always loved macro photography. The practice of photographing small objects up close to see all the details that aren't obviously visible to the naked eye. So, when the manager of Burrells asked me in 2011 to photograph their collection for that year's Christmas advertising campaign, I was very pleased. I found a new appreciation for the creativity and production[...]